The First Set of Big Announcements

Thank you so much for your patience. We’re so close to $100,000 in donations, we can gorram taste it. Just shy of $10,000 towards the goal.

We promised some Big Announcements, and there will be more coming in the days ahead, but for how here they are:

Price drop:

We’ve gotten some feedback recently that people are waiting to pick up their copy when the “price drops”. So, to inspire Browncoats to help us in these final days, just like the call for a blu-ray version, we’re going to listen to our community and reduce the donation price of each item for the last 14 days of the project.  The prices will be reduced to the barest minimum possible while still covering the production costs and keeping our promise to donate a minimum of $15 per item to our charities. We’d appreciate your help in spreading the word in order to bring this home in a big way.

Those prices are

Last Days Special – Original Release (Limited Stock) Donation: $17.00

Last Days Special – Remastered DVD 2 Disc Set Donation: $19.00

Last Days Special – Remastered Blu-Ray 2 Disc Set Donation: $24.00

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Browncoats: Redemption yet, please visit and be part of this historical project before time runs out.


Due to an overwhelmingly large amount of PayPal donations that have yet to resolve their shipping fees, even after multiple attempts to contact those Browncoats, we are regrettably putting PayPal donations for DVDs on hold until this can be resolved. The products for all donations made via PayPal have been set aside so that we can honor ALL of those donations made to date once shipping is resolved.

If you have paid via PayPal and have not received a notice regarding shipping, please send an inquiry to  If you’re unsure of whether or not you have paid shipping fees, once shipping fees are paid you will receive an order confirmation from that email address with a four digit confirmation number.  If you have not received such a email, our records indicate your shipping fees are still unpaid.


It was bound to happen, but we have received word through Google Alerts (and, as of this week, a posting on our wall) that Browncoats: Redemption is being downloaded via torrents.  That means the charities are NOT receiving the full amount of donations that this project was created/intended to raise for them via donations for this DVD.

Because we know you Browncoats are an honest lot and don’t want the charities to suffer, we’ve put up a PayPal donation button for $16 – the lowest donation to each charity ($3) plus the PayPal processing fee – so you can still support the project by helping the charities. Your name will not be shared publicly, your donation will count towards the grand total raised through our project, and no one will seek any action against you. While we aren’t the Hands of Blue, we do ask that you do the honorable thing, especially since this project was created as a vehicle for charitable fundraising.

You can make your donation here by visiting

Going forward:

We’ve collected a large number of your comments and included that in a request to get a 4 day, in person only extension, so that we can raise more money at Dragon*Con and send this thing off with a Bang.  As soon as we know…you’ll know.

We couldn’t have done this without you. Look for more updates as we get closer to ending this amazing project. We’re not done yet…not by a long shot.

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 About the Film, For the Charities

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