Our Mission

Our current mission is to raise money for five great charities. In order to do so, we created our own Firefly/Serenity fan film called Browncoats: Redemption. For a limited time, you can support our project, and our charities, by making a small donation in exchange for the DVD.

Browncoats: Redemption was created for two reasons:

The first is obvious; there really wasn’t anything going on in the ‘Verse ‘sides a few comic books that take place before Serenity and, let’s face it, we were all jonesin’ for our next fix. Browncoats: Redemption features a good story with characters you can connect with and root for. This is film was completely crowdsourced, the act of outsourcing tasks to over 100 Browncoats (fans of Firefly) in the community (a “crowd”) through an open call for help using social media, from the United States, Canada, and England in the name of charity.

The second, and in our opinion far more noble reason, is to do what we Browncoats do best: raise money for charity. Our approach from a business standpoint is a little “left of center.” To be clear, outside of covering production costs, this project is 100% non-profit. All of our proceeds go, in equal donations, to:

These charities were selected because they are supported and/or helped run by members of the cast and crew of Firefly and Serenity.

Before starting the project, we reached out to Fox, Universal Studios, and Joss Whedon, both to gain a greater understanding of the legal permissions needed to make this a reality and to ensure that Joss didn’t mind someone else playing in the rich universe he created. In doing so, we are fortunate to have been given his blessing.

We have also been lucky enough to discuss the project with most of the Big Damn Heroes (Alan Tudyk, Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, and Sean Maher). To be clear, we never asked for any money from them – just their support. They have always been loyal to their Browncoat fans, and we really wanted to give something back as a thank you to them through our charitable donations.

You can help us support these charities by making a donation on our website. You can also help by spreading the word about the project and the good we are trying to do. Help us prove that you can’t stop the signal and that Browncoats really can do the impossible.

Please email us at media@browncoatsmovie.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you,

The Browncoats: Redemption Crew

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Our Amazing Sponsors

Without you this would not have been possible

Browncoat Charity Work Does Not End

Can't Stop The Serenity is an annual showing of the film Serenity where all the proceeds go to Equality Now. You can find out where you can see your favorite Big Damn Film on the big screen, and do good works, by visiting cantstoptheserenity.com.

You can keep up the great work Browncoats do for charity by joining a local Browncoat group. Find one in your area.